Situational awareness and data sharing the U.S. government intends to use analysis to win network security






With more large-scale real-time information sharing project analysis, network defense can be developed from the vaccine into the immune system, and thus achieve the effect of similar security automation.
The government wants to better protect the information system and network security support of private industry, departments and agencies have greatly improved information collection, analysis and sharing of the way, let the emerging threat of current and former government officials are wary of undetected.
Content delivery and cloud service providers Akamai called government IT conference, U.S. officials stressed the importance of network threat information collection network, calling for new standards and protocols, automation of public and private industrial automation information sharing.
Danny Toale, assistant director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) network security and communications office, said: the more participants, the better the sharing process.
DHS recently stepped down as Deputy Vice Minister of security duties Phyllis Schneck, observed in the calculation of human factors, as well as the limitations of the computer itself, have led to security challenges.
Computing is the interaction of man and machine. We are all people, even after training can not stop the temptation to click on the link.
Network situation awareness
Security companies to provide a range of products into the process of people click on the destruction caused by malicious links. Shineike envisioned a larger global threat data pool, for instant automatic data acquisition computer, from becoming a malicious hacker prey, is also driven by a big analysis ability of the system, can let the data have practical significance.
Real time, we hope the computer can have this type of support. You want to see what the computer has received, what the computer should do and what should not be done. Computers are not smart, they are just quick.
She saw, is to allow ordinary networking activities, take the DHS development Einstein threat detection and response system the same way. According to her, the Einstein project has gone from the vaccine system to the immune system, can better protect the government and private sector computers.
As long as a company with a wide field of vision like Akama can share knowledge, it is possible that it will happen on our entire internet.
If you can make the Internet to identify their own bad things and attack, we can end the scene without instructions to execute the instructions to open the speed of the network warning related nodes in the imagination.
Improved intrusion prevention
In DHS, the Einstein team has been working to improve the third element of the project – an intrusion prevention based on monitoring data streams and detecting intrusions. Toale describes DHS’s ability to build an analytical capability by monitoring growing data, extending a Einstein threat prevention mechanism as a leading project.
So far, prevention is based on feature codes, which only block known threats. However, with the increase in the ability to analyze, known things will grow, Einstein III will also be transformed into non feature code prevention.
The work of the government’s expansion of the network will not end on the national border. Christopher Ponte, a network coordinator for the State Department, said the Department aims to promote the network of U.S. diplomatic missions and help developing countries build their infrastructure in the field. Regardless of the theme of the meeting, network security issues will be discussed on the table.
This is a question that we will talk about in almost every bilateral meeting. Whether or not the network, these problems will emerge.


Officials recognize that data collection and sharing requires a balance between privacy and human rights organizations need to ensure that the consumer’s personal information will not be excessive in the name of security. Public and private industry and cultural barriers, some companies are reluctant to share data with the official, afraid to incur liability, or government and external entities as it cannot be helped; for information sharing is also very stingy. However, in the world of cyber crime, there are not so many barriers to information sharing.
Our opponents have no problems in information sharing and they will start at a speed we can never imagine. And we need a civilized way of life. So, for us, cooperation is a must. If we want to gather and share information.
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