A liver problem is found late? But don’t know partner Songhua tablets!!!

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The liver is the largest organ in the human body, with an average weight of 1.5 kg, an adult man’s liver is almost the size of the shoes of 42 yards. In fact, the liver is a lump, a simple and honest, work every day do not know tired, because the liver is not only the pain nerve organ, so no matter how tired it, it never moan complain, never cry for pain, this is the people often ignore its health root cause. The liver is a good self – improvement of the comrades, there was a year after the mother in order to save their own daughter 03 years of age, and donated his 1\/4 liver. We have to sacrifice that female mother moved, also once for the mother’s health concerns, and later asked to know the original liver is the only organ regeneration, even half cut, it will not be slow to grow, in addition, the liver is the most willing to shift it will be with the organ, the breath of people can move up or down, the scope of activities can reach two to three cm, which is why the doctor in time for us to check the liver, let us continue to breathe in and out of the reason.
在西医的眼里,肝脏是一个代谢系统,一个重要脏器,就像是我们人体的一个化工厂,它掌管着糖、脂肪、解毒、代谢,人体大部分的新陈代谢和有毒物质的转化,所以它也是最易污染的部门。在中医的眼里,肝脏是一个部位,它有两大功能,一是主疏泄和二是主藏血。肝主疏泄,所谓疏泄就是让你能够疏通、畅达,比如说人生气了,时间久了,肝气郁结,就影响脾胃的运化功能,也就是消化功能就差,所以人生气了就不想吃饭。 肝主藏血,肝脏不只管藏血,还管调节全身气血运行,管血液分配,比如说人在运 动的时间,肝脏就把血液分配到四肢,女性朋友生理期前,肝脏就把血液分配到血海,即冲脉,那个时候肝脏的血液少了, 柔韧性格就下降了,所以女性朋友总有那么几天会脾气不好。
In Western eyes, the liver is a metabolic system, an important organ, like a chemical factory of our body, it is in charge of the sugar, fat metabolism, detoxification, and conversion of most of the human The new supersedes the old. and toxic substances, so it is the most vulnerable to pollution department. In Chinese eyes, the liver is a part of, it has two functions, one is the main function and the two is the main reservoir of blood. The function of the liver, the so-called catharsis is to let you can dredge, accessibility, such as anger, for a long time, liver qi stagnation, affect the transport function of the spleen and stomach, which is digestive function is poor, so people get angry and would not like to eat. Liver storing blood, not just liver storing blood, also regulate systemic circulation of Qi and blood, the blood pipe distribution, for example in the exercise time, the liver blood distribution to the limbs, a female friend before the menstrual period, the liver blood distribution to blood, namely red veins, when the liver blood less. The flexible character has decreased, so female friends there is always a few days a bad temper.
肝脏负责着人体的代谢、合成、解 毒、贮存、分解、排泄,您关注过它吗?它对健康影响您知道吗?肝脏是人体非常 重要的器官,有多重要?曾有这么一句 话:肝脏好,人生是彩色的,肝脏不好,人生是黑白的。
The liver is responsible for the body’s metabolism, synthesis, detoxification, storage, decomposition, excretion, you pay attention to it? Does it affect your health? Liver is an important organ of the human body, how important? There was such a sentence: the liver is good, life is color, the liver is not good, life is black and white.
Liver and human health
我们人体是世上最强大、最精密的“仪 器”,每个脏器看似独立,其实是密切相关,脏与脏之间互相依存,又互相制约。肝脏与其他器官有什么关系呢?又与哪些疾病有关?
Our human body is the world’s most powerful and most sophisticated instrument, each organ seems to be independent, in fact, is closely related to the interdependence between dirty and dirty, but also mutual constraints. What is the relationship between the liver and other organs? And what disease?
The relationship between liver and emotion
中医讲就是七情里面的怒,肝主怒,怒伤肝,肝血太重,就容易造成面红耳赤,头晕,头疼,这种就是肝火旺的表 现,中医讲人卧血归肝,肝藏血,充足睡 眠能养血的同时又可以充足的使肝气得到一个疏泄,长期睡眠不足,会造成肝火越来越旺,表现为情绪暴躁,爱发脾气,所以说人的充足睡眠可以养肝,可以使情绪能够达到非常好的境界。反过来调整好自己的情绪,也利于养肝。
Chinese medicine is seven inside liver advocate anger, anger, anger liver injury, liver blood is too heavy, it is easy to cause dizziness, headache, red, this is the fire performance of Chinese speaking people lying in the blood of the liver, liver blood, adequate sleep can also be nourishing enough to make liver a catharsis, long-term lack of sleep will cause anger is getting more and more prosperous, is irritable, love temper, so people can get plenty of sleep and liver, can make the mood can achieve very good state. In turn, adjust their mood, but also conducive to the liver.
The relationship between the liver and the eyes
中医里有一句话就是说肝和眼睛的关系,叫“肝开窍于目”, 眼睛也是肝脏的“窗口”。眼睛经常发花、眼角干涩、看不清东西,除了视力下降引起的问题,也可是肝脏功能衰弱的先兆。凡非外伤引起的视力下降均与肝气血虚有关,如果肝 脏湿热重,眼睛表现浑浊而黄,如果肝火 很旺,眼睛表现红甚至发炎,如果肝气 亏,看书稍久就容易疲劳,进一步亏下去,便成近视眼了,肝是明目的源泉。睛太过疲劳,用眼不当也会影响到肝脏,肝和眼睛有密切关系,养肝保护眼睛,肝 养好了,眼睛自然好使!
There is a saying in Chinese that is relationship between liver and eye, called the liver opens into the eyes, the eyes are the window of the liver. Eyes, eyes dry, often dazzled to see things, in addition to the problems caused by declining eyesight, but also threatened the liver function. All the trauma caused by the decrease of visual acuity were related with liver qi deficiency, if the liver wet weight, eyes were brown and yellow, if the temper, even if the eyes were red inflammation, liver qi deficiency, reading slightly for a long time it is easy to fatigue, loss of further down, become myopia, is the source of liver eyesight. The eye is too fatigue, misuse can also affect the liver, there is a close relationship between the liver and liver protection of eyes, eyes, liver cured, so that your eyes!
The relationship between liver and heart
心主血脉,肝主藏血;心主神志,肝 主疏泄,调畅情志。故心与肝的关系,主要表现在血液和精神、情志方面。
The heart blood, liver storing blood; heart first, liver, regulating emotion. The relationship between the heart and the liver, mainly in the blood and the spiritual, emotional aspects.
1 blood
心主血,推动血液在 经脉内运行不息;肝藏血,贮藏血液并调 节全身各脏腑组织器官的血量分布。心肝两脏相互配合,共同维持血液的正常运行,只有血液充盈才心有所主,肝有所藏。
The heart governs blood, promote blood circulate in the meridians; liver blood, blood distribution of stored blood and regulate all the organs. Darling two dirty with each other, to maintain the normal circulation of blood, only to heart blood filling, the liver has hidden.
2 mental and emotional aspects
心主神志,为 五脏六腑之大主,精神之所舍;肝主疏泄,调畅情志。精神和情志活动,均以血 液为物质基础,而心肝两脏在血液运行方面关系密切。故心肝两脏共同调节人的精 神、情志活动。心与肝相互影响,心肝阴血不足,往往互相影响。面色不华,舌质浅淡,脉细无力,头晕目眩,妇女月经涩少,失眠多梦等。
The heart is the main consciousness, the main spirit of the viscera, the liver, left; emotion. Mental and emotional activities, are the material basis of blood, liver and blood in two dirty close operation. So darling two dirty people’s spirit, regulating emotional activities. The heart and liver influence each other, heart Yin and blood deficiency, often affect each other. A Chinese tongue pale, thin and weak pulse, dizzy, menstrual less astringent, insomnia etc..
The relationship between liver and gallbladder
According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, besides liver and bile, physiological relationship is also very close. The function of the liver, bile and tongjiang. The normal excretion of bile, rely on liver function, and liver dysfunction, is bound to affect the secretion and excretion of bile. On the other hand, poor bile excretion also affects the liver. From a functional point of view, the gallbladder is also a good helper of the liver, the liver secretes bile stored in the gallbladder, once we begin to eat, the gallbladder began to shrink, so the bile into the intestine to help digest fat. Liver and bile is indeed one of the woe organ. Liver disease often affects bile, gallbladder also often affect liver, liver were more likely to have gallstones, on the other hand, cholelithiasis, biliary ascariasis or tumor, also will cause the bacterium upstream, cause liver and systemic infection.
Relationship between liver and spleen


肝与脾主要是疏泄与运化,生血与藏 血的关系。脾的运化有赖于肝气的调达,而肝的疏泄、藏血,又需脾胃化生精微来供养。若脾失健运,生血乏源,可致肝血不足,若肝气郁结,疏泄失职,影响脾胃 升降,运化失司,引起消化功能下降,食欲不振,可致“肝脾不和”;若脾胃湿热,上蒸肝胆,使肝胆疏泄不利,可以引起黄疸。由此可见肝病可传脾,脾病可及肝,它们是互相影响的。
The liver and spleen is mainly the dispersion and transport of the relationship between the blood and the accumulation of blood. The transport of the spleen depends on the liver and up, liver, spleen and stomach and storing blood, subtle metaplasia to support. If the spleen, blood deficiency, liver blood deficiency can cause, if the liver qi stagnation, spleen and stomach qi dereliction of duty, influence, loss of transportation of division, causing digestive dysfunction, loss of appetite, can cause disharmony between liver and spleen; if the spleen, liver and steam, the liver catharsis adversely, can cause jaundice. Thus liver disease can spread the spleen, spleen and liver, they affect each other.
The relationship between liver and kidney
The relationship between the liver and the kidney is mainly the relationship between the blood and the essence. Liver blood, kidney, liver and kidney homologous blood alternate. Liver blood needs to rely on the essence of kidney nourishing biochemistry, kidney essence and liver blood must be constantly refined supplement, both interdependent, mutual breeding. If the loss of kidney yin deficiency and liver nourishing can cause liver yin deficiency and liver yang hyperactivity of the so-called timber culvert symptoms of liver yang hyperactivity; on the other hand, for a long time, consumption of yin deficiency of kidney essence, also aggravated the loss, headache, turbid urine or edema disease. This relationship is mainly manifested in the women’s menstrual physiology and male ejaculation function.
The relationship between liver and lung
肝藏血,肺藏气,肝气与肺气上下阴阳升降,以维持人体气机的正常升降运作,气血的运行,虽有心脏主管,但须有肺主治节及肝主疏泄作用的制约,两脏对全身气血的运行起着一定的作用。肝肺是相互影响的。如气机升降失常:肝气郁结,气郁化火,肝火灼肺,肺失清肃,常见胁痛,易怒,咳逆,咯血等肝火犯肺 (木火刑金)的证候。反之,肺失清肃,燥 热下行,亦可影响及肝,肝失条达,疏泄不利,则在咳嗽的同时,出现胸胁引痛胀满,头痛头晕,面红目赤等肺燥伤肝(金不制木)的证候
Liver blood, lung qi and lung qi gas reservoir, under the movements of yin and Yang Qi in the body, in order to maintain the normal operation of the lifting machine, the operation of Qi and blood, although the heart in charge, but must have restricted the function of the liver and lung attending day effect, two dirty systemic blood running plays a certain role. The liver and lungs are mutually affected. Such as lifting disorder: liver qi stagnation, Qi fire, lung burning anger, pulmonary failure elimination, common chest pain, irritability, cough, hemoptysis, liver fire attacking lung (wood burning gold) syndrome. On the other hand, impaired lung depuration, dry down, but also affect the failure of the liver and liver, and catharsis adversely, the cough and chest pain from appearance of fullness, headache and dizziness, red eyes and other dry lung liver injury (gold wood syndrome)
Relationship between liver and disease
肝脏是一个非常重要的脏器,很多病 可以从肝脏不舒服折射出来,那就有这么一句话,百病从肝治,下面我们听听医院 专家怎样说?
The liver is an important organ, many diseases can be reflected from the liver uncomfortable, there is such a word, all from the liver, below we listen to hospital experts how to say?
1 eye disease


中医养生老讲:这个是肝开窍于目,而且足劂阴肝经,它是本经是连着目系的,所以我们说肝经它和眼病有很大的关系,我们经常临床上通过疏肝理气,或者是滋补肝阴,或 者柔肝养血各种方法来达到我们的治疗目 的。
Say: This is the old TCM liver opens into the eyes, and your foot Yin liver meridian, it is attached to the eye, so we said it and liver disease have a great relationship, we often clinically or by liver qi, nourishing liver yin, or soft liver nourishing ways to achieve our goal of treatment.
2 depression

Chinese medicine has a disease called depression disease, there is close relation between now and the depression, it mainly causes the theory of Chinese medicine and the liver is not closely related to density, so the Chinese medicine treatment, Shuganjieyu is one of the most important methods.
3 Department of gynaecology
TCM believes that the liver, the main reservoir of blood, the liver is like soft up, then the liver wet dispersion, can cause a lot of gynecological diseases, for example, has irregular menstrual, also can cause dysmenorrhea, because Yuzu Chongren, blood is not smooth, can cause dysmenorrhea, also can cause amenorrhea, menstruation, or even infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, these diseases and liver dysfunction is related to.
4 hyperplasia of mammary glands


The women of breast hyperplasia, with the meridian relation, it is the beginning of liver meridian from the feet to the medial thigh, abdomen, both sides of the chest on both sides, and then to the head, to the top of the head, the head, because it can be distributed in the breast on both sides, so there is also stagnation is the long-term stagnation of liver qi, the mood is not good, not good, that in this case, the blood would stop. After a long time stagnation would form a block that is breast hyperplasia.
中医讲叫上医治未病,要预防疾病, 比如说肝气不足,最常见的女性容易得乳腺增生、子宫肌瘤,神经性头疼,还有慢性胃病,这些都会出现,所以肝郁气滞,对造成这个疾病有一个直接的诱因,而男性容易得高血压,或者平常容易发火。
Chinese medicine called the cure of disease, to prevent diseases, such as liver qi deficiency, the most common women prone to breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, nervous headache, and chronic gastritis, which will appear, so the liver qi stagnation, to cause the disease has a direct cause, while men prone to high blood pressure, or usually easy to get angry.
名 称: 松花伴侣片
Name: the companion piece
净含量: 60片×0.8克,180片×0.8克
Net content: 60 x 0.8 g, 180 x 0.8 g
零售价: 166元/盒,439元/瓶
Retail price: 166 yuan \/ box, 439 yuan \/ bottle
Ingredients: the film carefully selected partner pine pollen, Ge Gen extract of emblica extracts from three kinds of main raw materials and Science
The companion film is based on traditional Chinese medicine based on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of prevention and treatment of liver injury mechanism, carefully selected pine pollen, Pueraria extract, three kinds of main raw material of Phyllanthus emblica extracts from detoxification, blood circulation, fluid, for compatibility between liver function, the detection mechanism of country designated by functional experiments confirmed that has the function of protecting liver, liver, liver detoxification, now known as the similar products, the only compound prescription, unique formula, on chemical liver injury of health food with auxiliary protection function. It is one of the special health foods in china.




FTC vs. D-Link: A Warning to the IoT Industry

D-Link IP camera
Internet-of-things vendors beware: The complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission against router and camera manufacturer D-Link could signal the start of a long-term battle to fix systemic industry problems.
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D-Link left doors open in its products for hackers through poor security practices, the FTC alleges in a five-count complaint filed in federal court on San Francisco. But D-Link marketed devices such as routers to consumers as secure – a law-breaking misrepresentation that put consumers’ data at risk, the agency contends.
The complaint was filed against D-Link Corp. of Taiwan and its U.S. subsidiary, D-Link Systems, based in California. The FTC is asking the court for a permanent injunction that would prevent violations of the FTC Act, which prohibits deceptive practices.
D-Link has called the charges “unwarranted” and “baseless,” arguing that it maintains a robust set of procedures to address security problems.
“The FTC has made vague and unsubstantiated allegations relating to routers and IP cameras,” according to a Q&A published online. “Notably, the complaint does not allege any breach of any product sold by D­Link Systems in the U.S.”
The IoT industry has been under close scrutiny over the past six months as hackers have compromised large numbers of home routers, IP cameras and even baby monitors. Those devices were then used for devastating distributed denial-of-service attacks. The FTC complaint is a sign that if the industry doesn’t improve security, regulators will take note.
“This is probably among the first examples of many that we will see in which regulators are really going to aggressively file against vendors for these security breaches,” says Laura Didio, IoT research director with 451 Research.
Vulnerable To Attacks
D-Link is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer routers and IP cameras, which of late have been aggressively targeted by hackers. Computer security experts have warned the devices often have poor security controls and that large-scale problems were likely imminent.
It finally happened last September. Hackers infected a large number of IoT devices with Mirai, a type of malware targeting embedded Linux systems. The devices were then used for record-breaking DDoS attacks that had knock-on effects for large services including Spotify and PayPal (see Mirai Botnet Pummels Internet DNS in Unprecedented Attack).
The FTC contends that D-Link’s marketing material says its routers are “easy to secure” and are equipped with “advanced network security.” But in practice, the company failed to implement proper security safeguards, the FTC says.
Software that runs a D-Link IP camera contained a default username and password, both set to “guest,” and could have allowed access to live video feeds, the FTC says. In another alleged misstep, D-Link stored login credentials for a mobile app without encryption, the agency adds.

But in the most egregious alleged mistake, D-Link left its private code-signing key on a public website for more than six months, the FTC contends. Code-signing keys are extremely sensitive. If obtained by a hacker, the key could be used to sign malicious software that would appear to have been developed by D-Link.
The collective result of these errors means that consumer routers and cameras have been vulnerable to attacks that could have compromised their sensitive personal information, the complaint says. “The risk that attackers would exploit these vulnerabilities to harm consumers was significant,” it says.
Shoring Up IoT
The complaint centers largely on how D-Link allegedly misrepresented its products to its customers. That should serve as a reminder to other companies that public statements concerning security and privacy are promises to the public, writes Brian Schaller, an attorney with the Information Law Group.
“Breaking those promises could not only subject a company to FTC complaints, but also state attorney generals’ actions and costly class action lawsuits,” Schaller writes in a blog post.
Although D-Link is the focus of the FTC, the problem of inadequate security in IoT industry is widespread, says Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance.
“This discussion is not about D-Link,” he says. “This discussion now is about how every company needs to be accountable. We need to be thinking about the long-term impact of these devices.”
IoT manufacturers push out new products quickly. It’s common for companies to stop supporting those devices after a couple of years even though consumers and businesses may use them for a long time.
Spiezle’s group has developed a set of security guidelines called the IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework, the latest version of which was released last week. The framework is a set of basic practices that all manufacturers should follow that wouldn’t necessarily increase development costs.
So far, Symantec and ADT, the security company, have signed on. Spiezle says some companies are hesitating, though, because their current product lines may not comply. But Spiezle views adoption of the framework as a longer-term campaign, and he is encouraging companies to use the framework for forthcoming products.
The FTC complaint against D-Link “is the warning” to IoT companies, Spiezle says. “What’s the right thing for consumers to be doing for consumers and the industry? It’s securing these devices and making sure [companies] have a plan for supporting them over the expected life. That’s what I’m most concerned about.”


商业间谍与黑客参与搜索专利大战 APT攻击让员工信息安全意识