How to quickly find fish fishing

For fishing, we go fishing to the waterside, eyeful green waves, where fish hide? In what place under the hook? Especially in a strange waters, it is a need to move the brain. In this regard, there is mention of fish and fish position, and according to the seasons and temperatures made jingles and proverbs, such as spring fishing, summer fishing lake, dog caught sooner or later, the spring and autumn fishing etc.
Whether there is an accurate and easy way to find traces of fish? Here are three tips to find fish for fishing friends reference. The first: fish foraging rules.
The fish for bait, where food will go where to gather. The water under the decaying plants, shrimp insects; surface plankton, poplar catkins, grass, insects and so on, are chasing fish. Under the water, grass roots at the pier, rocks and grass accumulation place underwater, are also feeding fish.
As the saying goes, fishing grass does not catch the light refers to fishing in the grass at the pier to the reeds, hook down to their slot or edge, not to light water. Dirty fishing does not catch the light, the dirty refers to the rocks in grass under water, only in these places can overgrow reproduction and aggregation of insect shrimp, of course they are attracted to the delicacy of fish, the fish.
Although it may be hanging under the bottom of the rod, but it can catch fish. Clean and smooth place can not keep fish.


Fishpond often feeding places, natural fish gathering places. In addition, the reef of the sea, the Gulf of return, artificial reefs, piers, etc., are also places where fish love to gather. Fishing bait with their position, this is the best way to lure fish together, but only static.


In addition, the grass can be tied into bundles, plus stones sink to the bottom. Or with a net with leaves, grass and stone sinks to the bottom of luring fish, the results are good. Second: master the temperature change, looking for fish.
The fish is afraid of cold heat. With the changes in the weather, will travel anywhere to the most appropriate temperature. The proverb says: fall in the autumn to catch the sun and catch the yin. The spring and autumn season is cold alternately, the shore water is easy sunlight penetration, the water temperature is higher than that in the deep water area, the fish come more warm. Summer water temperature is high, the fish is not heat, natural swim to the shade or deep water area.
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在某个水域中,因下雨或其他原因,突然增加大量凉水,使水温明显降低,鱼儿突然受到凉水的刺激,可能潜伏不动,更不会咬钩吃食。必须经过一段时间 (两三天)水温趋于正常,鱼适应了新的水温,才能咬钩吃食。第三:在富氧的水域中寻找鱼儿。
In some waters, due to rain or other reasons, a sudden increase in a large number of cold water, the water temperature decreased, the fish is suddenly in cold water, probably do not move, but will not bite to eat. Must go through a period of time (two or three days) the water temperature is normal, the fish to adapt to the new water, can bite to eat. Third: looking for fish in oxygen rich waters.


The demand for oxygen is no less than that of the human race, while aerobic and aerobic. The most abundant oxygen in the water, the fish is also the most active. A water flow, the oxygen in the air is dissolved in water, therefore, in the waters of the inlet, manmade pond aerator etc., are the favorite gathering place.
When the wind blows the shore, in addition to a large number of plankton, aquatic insects, shrimp and shrimp were sent over the wind and waves, the wind and waves can also increase the amount of oxygen in the water, the fish will be gathered here to find oxygen foraging. Of course, the Tougan will increase some difficulty, fishing itself is hard, it is need to weigh the pros and cons of judge hands.
下雨也能将空气中的氧溶子水中,尤其是闷热的炎夏,气压较低时,鱼儿也特别难受,养鱼密度大的水池中,如无增氧设备, 鱼儿将会俘出水面,严重时就会出现“翻坑”死鱼。如这个时候下雨或刮风,情况会有所缓解,所以雨后钓鱼,也是上鱼的好机会。遵循鱼儿觅食喜氧和怕冷、怕热这些习性,去选择钓位,大多数情况下会达到满意的效果,大家你不妨一试。
It can also be dissolved oxygen in the air to water, especially in hot summer, when air pressure is lower, the fish are particularly uncomfortable, fish density in the pool, without aeration equipment, the fish will back out of the water, there will be a double pit dead serious. If this time rain or wind, the situation will be eased, so after the rain fishing, but also a good opportunity for fish. Follow the fish feeding aerobic and cold, afraid of the heat of these habits, go fishing, in most cases will achieve satisfactory results, you may wish to try.
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Alipay discovered major vulnerabilities: password can be falsified? The latest official response to the

Today online on a Alipay account vulnerabilities news, let many people scared into a cold sweat.

This morning, a netizen claimed that Alipay can change someone’s password, others can not even the original password can be changed directly by the mobile phone number.

国家信息安全项目清单出炉 12家公司榜上有名

That’s the way it is.
1, open Alipay login interface, click forgot password account
2 input account directly after not receiving SMS
3 there are a lot of methods of verification, choose what you know, for example, choose the one you bought the goods, or a friend:
4 to change the password, the original password directly forget, direct change.
Modify the direct login account, with all the features, and support for non secret payment.
Users are also a party:
There are users weapon gives some solutions, such as suddenly received Alipay sent to SMS verification code, that people try to log in to your Alipay account, so this time, you need to immediately enter the Alipay client as follows:
Click on [my], [], [] to set the account security center [], [], [the rapid loss of first aid kit] prevent anyone, login to your account, and prevent the funds transferred into.
Alipay has responded: to improve the level of security risk control system
The photograph: visual China


Daily economic news reporter interviewed on the issue of Alipay, Alipay in reply to the daily economic news reporter said:
Has received the users reflect, said can be identified by friends, identify the recent purchase of goods, Alipay login password to retrieve. But this approach will only be achieved in a specific situation. Under normal circumstances, the user to retrieve the login password at least need to enter the SMS verification code. For some users can not receive text messages or mobile devices to replace the user, we will be the first assessment of the risk control system (such as account information integrity, network environment and other factors). In the case of high safety factor, only to allow users to answer a series of security problems, only after the correct answer to modify the login password.
Alipay said, this strategy can only retrieve the password, only by answering the security questions and can get the payment password. And once the users of Alipay in other equipment is logged in, I will receive notification of equipment.
Alipay stressed that in order to better enhance the user’s sense of security, in after receiving the users reflect, have today morning to further improve the safety level of the wind control system. Currently only on the user’s own mobile phone, in order to identify the recent purchase of goods and identify my friends to recover the login password, through other mobile devices can not be applied to retrieve the password in this way.
So what are the views of the industry?
The lack of Alipay product manager of this indeed is still some experience, can be said that the mobile phone application security is the most important guarantee is my main machine. The level of security equipment identification code is on the front, suddenly log in to your account with someone else’s mobile phone can not, otherwise it is easy to set some problems, but before the priority value is not good, so there will be loopholes. Internet Business Model Analyst Hao Zhiwei told the daily economic news reporter.
Hao Zhiwei thinks, from another perspective, the Internet in terms of security is not absolute, are groping forward, there is no guarantee mechanism on Alipay may have vulnerabilities, WeChat must not pay or unionpay. In the account security settings, convenient and risk is always a seesaw, more convenient to be more risky, this time the key mechanism in terms of security, how to set to make fewer holes, but sometimes it is hard to this particular market skills of the people, the Alipay will continue to make up a missed lesson.


Long press to identify two-dimensional code concern public number
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Operational Security Best Practices For Social Media

Building a firm, clear policy on disclosures online can provide a flexible, adaptive response that will protect proprietary data from winding up in a public leak.
In recent years, we’ve seen the pace of database breaches and the subsequent distribution of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) accelerate to a breakneck pace, causing significant financial and personal damage to the individuals impacted. But what often goes unconsidered is the organizational damage that the loss of even a single email address can cause.
One carefully considered stolen pair of credentials can offer a jumping off point for a phishing campaign that appears to come from a trusted source, an intelligence source that affords an attacker targeting data for subsequent action, or a pivot point to access other accounts that may use the same password. In fact, attackers will commonly comb through leaked databases for high value targets and resell secondary lists to those looking to use the accounts before a password reset. A common defense against these sort of scenarios is practicing good organizational social media operational security – OPSEC – principally by keeping company data off LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and the like.

OPSEC on social media demands good communication between first-line managers, legal policy, and your Security Operations Center (SOC). Legally, you can’t forbid your employees from using LinkedIn, but you can bar them from disclosing company assets publically, such as an organizational email. First-line managers are responsible for implementing legal policies, but more importantly – these managers can communicate back to the OpSec team when business needs are forcing employees to circumvent security policies.
Much more common than the malicious insider threat is the employee who can’t access data they need on the road, and decides to forward company email to a webmail service. Another dangerous scenario is the employee who is required to disclose their company email to third parties, but doesn’t have a separate account for sensitive data.
SOC: Your OPSEC Of Last Resort
There are generally simple, easy fixes for these issues that tend not
to be implemented due to poor communication with first-line managers. And there will always be individuals with exceptionally poor judgment, for example, those who would register for with a company email. Bottom line, making sure security policies are aligned with business needs is a low cost measure that decision makers should be doing as a matter of course.
The SOC affords your organization with OPSEC of last resort. If a SOC tech sees company information disclosed in a public space, something has already gone wrong. That said, a simple crawler set to look for a defined keyword or domain list on sites like Reddit or Facebook can find leaked PII fast, increasing the odds that a takedown will be more effective.
A Tier II SOC tech can triage a leak after the fact by pinpointing the precise point of egress. Asking for passive monitoring of PII can afford an additional layer of security for situations when policy is not sufficient. Brand Protection services will also do this as part of a vendor relationship, although typically at significant cost.
As with most cybersecurity issues, protecting company information on social media boils down to issues of communication. Building firm, clear policy on disclosures online, as well as providing channels for feedback to filter upwards, can provide a flexible, adaptive response that will protect proprietary data from winding up in a public leak.


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